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We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and therefore use the finest ingredients.

Our meat and poultry are supplied by Smithfield Butcher, located in London's traditional Smithfield market. Their meat is sustainably reared.  All their British sourced meat is farmed and processed to the highly respected Red Tractor Standard. Their beef and lamb are supplied from their long term partners in Cornwall and their chicken come from Norfolk based Orchard Farms. We also only use Halal certified meat and poultry.

Our vegetables are sourced from Premier Fruit (now part of the Menu Partners) located in New Covent Garden Market London with over 20 years of expertise and BRC accredited.

Premier Fruit hold direct relationship with farms across Europe and the UK which enables them to source top quality produce directly from growers to consumer.

Our dry foods and condiments are sourced from family businesses who have years of experience and extensive knowledge in their field. Where possible, we have visited their production facilities and established direct relationships with them. See below some of our favorites family-businesses.

Our packaging is 80% plastic-free. We are mindful about the impact we are having on the environment, so we always aim to reduce our plastic consumption use to a bare minimum level possible.

For the vast majority of our containers, we use the Be-Pulp range which is fully compostable and made from fiber of plant origin, a natural material which is both abundant and renewable.

Some of our our favorite ingredients:


Our Tahini is sourced Al Yaman Factories who have been mastering the art of tahini making since 1882.

We believe it’s the secret behind our delicious hummus giving it its nutty, rich taste and creamy texture; always acknowledging our Chef’s touch!

Pomegranate molasses

Our favourite condiment at KAMMOON. Tangy with sweet fruity notes, this ingredient is used in many of our customer’s favourites recipes such as pumpkin kibbeh and fattoush salad.

We source it from Chtaura farms, a sustainable farming business in the Bekaa valley of Lebanon, renowned for their great quality standards.


Sumac has been widely used in the Middle East for centuries. Made from dried berries, sumac has a bold and distinctive tangy flavour, adding a subtle citrusy hint to our recipes.

We use sumac in many of our recipes including marinades, fillings and dressings!


Za’atar has been trending in recent years with everyone from supermarkets, celebrity chefs and bloggers spreading the word about its rich flavours and health benefits.

At KAMMOON, we make our own in-house za’atar mix with ground thyme, roasted sesame seeds, fine sumac and a touch of  love. We use it for our famous man’oushe, as a dressing for our fattoush and sprinkle it on grilled halloumi for a flavour kick.


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