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  • A) Removal of EBITDA for clinics in which there is a minority stake of third party (countries include Argentina, Portugal, Russia and China)

    B) EBITDA for clinics that are now divested have been removed to reflect the continued business performance

    C) By December 2019, a number of new clinics/tenders, which started over the course of 2019, will have less than 12 months of trading, EBITDA generated from these clinics has been removed and instead, the full year run-rate for these clinics has been added. EUR17.2mm is the net impact of the full year run-rate less reported EBITDA from these clinics

    D) Full year impact of reimbursement rate increases agreed during the year in some countries has been included (+EUR4.00mm from Romania and remainder from Kazakhstan, Poland, Lithuania, Spain and France), This adjustment only includes out of ordinary increases

    E) Full year impact of known cost increases (Mainly corresponding to reimbursement rate increases) has also been added, including Romania labour cost increase (EUR(0.9)mm, which is low compared to the reimbursement impact as labour increases have already been implemented to a large extent), Poland routine supplies cost increase, Lithuania labour cost and Spain labour cost increase

    F) Various other adjustments have been included, such as additional divestments assumed in forecast (discontinuation of Security Forces contract is Saudi), adjustments for penalties in Saudi Arabia and accrual reversals in Spain.

    G) Argentina currency impact